Matt Millen needs to be fired, again

Matt Millen is at it again. Not only is this guy the most clueless General Manager to ever be put in charge of a NFL franchise, apparently he is a clue less bigot as well. Maybe that is too harsh, because maybe just maybe Millen is stupid enough to think he didn’t do anything wrong. Over the weekend, on the four letter networks draft coverage Mr. Millen used a racial slur. Sure he came out and apologized for it later, but once a slur is out there it is out there.

Millen should be fired on the spot for saying this slur. It matters not if it was a joke, or anything else. When it comes to racial slurs we cannot assign them ranks. The N word isn’t any better/worse to say than the word Millen used. They are the same and saying the N word would get anyone fired, and it should be the same fro every other racial slur.

I cannot come here to the Inquisitr and ramble one throwing racial slurs and people. If I did I would be fired and rightfully so, now I am calling for the four letter network to do just the same. Fire Millen for uttering a racial slur on their air. Better than that fire the guy for being incompetent. I do not know one football fan who gives two craps what Matt Millen has to say about anything. He has proven himself to be a clueless idiot and it only hurts the four letter network’s credibility. Oh wait please four letter network, keep him on.