I really hate the four letter network

Of course you know the one I mean, the one that broadcasted the 2010 NFL Draft. I cannot even say there name without wanting to wretch all over myself. Not because they have been sitting on my resume for the last eight months, not because they have a monopoly over the world of sports, but because they just don’t care about the sports viewer at all. That broadcast on Thursday night was awful, I mean terrible, I have seen low budget movies on You Tube that came off better.

Five guys sitting at a desk talking over each other is not what sports fans want. It makes sports look like the view, and when my wife watched that awful piece of crap I start bleeding from the ears and go out and mow the grass even in January in Michigan. Worse than that Chris Berman is a complete jackass. I wonder if the four letter network could find a guy who actually watched, sports to do this. Ya know maybe a guy who actually watched College Football should be the host.

On top of that as the host it is Berman’s job to direct the show, instead he is acting like am idiot making crappy, obvious statements. Hey Chris say a nickname and kick the coverage to someone who has a clue. Man you are a total joke. On top of that why was the four letter network trying to scoop itself? Instead of letting the NFL Commissioner announce the pick they had a camera on guys on their cell phones accreting a role with their new teams. What should I watch that? Really Why?