No Mr. Cuban Microsoft will not be buying Facebook

Why won’t Microsoft be buying Facebook Mr. Cuban?

Because as it marches forward in a Borg like fashion to dominate all aspects of the Web and as a result become awash in McDuck amounts of money it sees no reason to sell. The simple fact is that Facebook has no competitors regardless of the hype around Twitter and Buzz. They are in a class all of their own and yesterday’s announcements only serve to set them even further apart.

So to suggest that Facebook would think that they would be benefited by selling to Microsoft for any other reason than the gobs of money it would get is ridiculous. As for the money part, I don’t think I honestly don’t think that Facebook is concerned about money.

Their potential to make money could possibly put Google, and quite possibly Apple, to shame and really there is nothing that being bought by Microsoft that would bring anything to the table that Facebook needs. As it is companies are lining up to form partnerships with Facebook that can be far more lucrative in the long run for the company that the $10 or $20 billion lump sum.

So Mr. Cuban, you might have written a great pageview grabbing headline but seriously I would be highly surprised if Microsoft moved beyond a partner or investor status.

Facebook is a monolith in the making and has grown being something to buy regardless of who is carrying the chequebook.