Sergio Garcia Heckled With ‘Fried Chicken’ At U.S. Open [Video]

Sergio Garcia was heckled at the U.S. Open Today with two simple words: Fried chicken.

Garcia recently apologized to Tiger Woods for making a racist joke earlier this month but it doesn’t look like the golf world is ready to forgive the golfer just yet. NESN reports that Garcia has been followed with “fried chicken” chants this week at the U.S. Open and one fan even heckled the golfer when he was standing in the tee box on the 11th hole.

It’s unclear if Garcia heard the comment (the crowd definitely did and started laughing at the joke) but Garcia does seem distracted by something on the course. He bogeyed two of his first three holes today and then completely imploded on his fourth hole.

Garcia knocked his first shot out of bounds, and then his second, and then his third. Garcia ended with a score of 10 on the 15th hole.

Garcia said before taking to the course today: “I’ve been very worried about the whole situation … I felt terrible about it. I feel like I had a great relationship with the crowds for pretty much my whole career. Obviously a couple incidents here and there, but other than that, I feel very fortunate. I feel like they love me. I love them too. I respect them very much.”


Garcia’s attitude to the crowd could change by the end of the weekend.

Here’s the video of Sergio Garcia being heckled with “fried chicken” at the U.S. Open.