Gael Monfils Is A Tennis God, Amazing Trick Shot [Video]

Tennis fans have been treated to a pretty impressive trick shot from French tennis player, Gael Monfils, at the quarterfinal of Germany’s Gerry Weber Open.

Even though Monfils was given a pretty easy shot thanks to his opponent, Tommy Haas, the French tennis star had to go one better and let the ball bounce between his legs, did a full 360 spin, and then hit the ball back into play.

Those moves are definitely good and noteworthy, but it still doesn’t quite beat the cheerleader who managed such an amazing trick shot that it put the team she was cheering for to shame.

In any case, it would seem that there’s nothing quite like showing off during a sports match, though in this event Monfils didn’t get the point, or even manage to win.

However, he can be happy in the fact that his smooth moves have earned him a viral video of his unnatural flexibility and skill.

Gael Monfils will go down in history with other video clips of impressive trick shots, like the four in a row trick shot vid on The Inquisitr.

The YouTube users that shared Monfils amazing moment are DSDispatch; although not a lot is on their page, in fact it’s practically bare, it seems that they like to keep tabs on all sporting events that involve unusual moments.


Due to this love of sport, their page has nearly 200 followers and nearly 600,000 video views, which doesn’t seem too bad considering how little information they give you. Maybe it’s a case of let the videos do the talking?

Gael Monfils video has over 216,813 and shows no signs of stopping, not to mention the hundreds of comments that have continued to be posted on the page; although not all the comments are nice (it is the Internet, so what do you expect?), the majority of posters are in awe of Gael Monfils.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]