Mom And Three Daughters Gunned Down In Nashville

Nashville, TN – Police are searching for a man who shot a woman and her three teenage daughters in Music City on Friday.

According to police, Nicole Luke and her three daughters were shot by her boyfriend, Earnest Woodley, in Friday. Luke, her two 14-year-old daughters and their 15-year-old sister, are all listed as in stable condition at Nashville hospital.

Woodley, also known as Earnest Moore, is a convicted murderer with a long criminal record. He was charged late Friday with four counts of attempted homicide and aggravated assault. He fled the scene in a gray T-shirt, blue shorts and no shoes.

The group were in two vehicles, driving to Memphis where they were all moving. They stopped at an apartment complex to visit a cousin of Woodley’s, according to police. All but one of Luke’s daughters went inside.

Woodley and Luke began arguing during the visit, and Woodley shot her and her daughters. He then went outside and shot the daughter waiting in the car.

There were three other children at the scene who weren’t injured: Woodley and Luke’s 3-year-old daughter and the cousin’s two young sons.

A witness explained to a local NBC affiliate that she first heard two gunshots and then four more.


“We went outside and saw the man running past our house, so we went over here to see what had happened and we saw the car,” the witness said. “There was a lady in the front seat, and she had been shot, and all of the windows in the car had been shot out.”

Woodley is still at large as of Friday night, and should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. If you’re in the Nashville area, here’s what he looks like:


[Image via: csabacz / Shutterstock]