Corona Billboard Turns The Moon Into A Lime [Video]

A new Corona billboard will turn our moon into the world’s largest lime wedge.

If you happen to be near 15th Street and 9th Avenue in Manhattan tonight, June 15, be sure to stop by the clever Corona billboard to see their most impressive ad campaign to date.

As shown in their test run (see video below), at precisely the right moment, the moon will appear as the lime slice traditionally served in the mouth of a Corona bottle – a moment they’re calling “Corona Luna”.

Corona worked alongside astronomy experts from top universities and planetariums to calculate the exact dates and times when the moon would be viewed perfectly in line with their new billboard.

This is a rather impressive feat, considering all of the angles that would have to be considered – from the position of the moon, the position of the billboard, and taking into account where viewers will be standing when the phenomenon occurs.

Hats off to the brand for taking a serious approach to consumer participation!

For a brand that we most often associate with sandy beach scenes and sunny days, it’s refreshing (pardon the pun) to see Corona given a new life as a drink for after the sun goes down.

Corona is now a part of the AB InBev family. Huffpo reports Constellation Brands is looking to acquire US distribution rights for the popular beverage, following the merger with AB InBev, who will control distribution in other parts of the world.


Corona been was first brewed in 1925 by the Mexican based company Cerveceria Modelo, and wasn’t available in the United States until 1979.

For those hoping to get a good look at the Corona Luna in all it’s glory, your prime viewing window will be between 8:45pm and 11pm tonight!

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