Miley Cyrus 2.0 Loves ‘Hood Music,’ Laments Being The ‘White Nicki Minaj’

Miley Cyrus gave what is being regarded as an “awkward” interview with Billboard this week, in which she said that she loves “hood music,” but laments being typecast as the “white Nicki Minaj.”

The interview was more about Cyrus’ new music, and her pretty honest confession that she still hasn’t really figured out how to break out of the “Hannah Montana” mold, despite making us feel like awkward grownups in nearly every interview she’s given these past several years.

But the part that caught Kia Makarechi of The Huffington Post‘s eye was this:

“That’s not what I’m trying to do,” Cyrus says of feeling like she is typecast as the “white Nicki Minaj.” “I love ‘hood’ music, but my talent is as a singer,” she continued.

Makarechi starts off by defending Minaj’s “repertoire, which has as many pure pop hits, if not more, than Cyrus’ ” and continues with general ire pointed at the “hood music” comment.

He does accurately point out that Cyrus’ new single “We Can’t Stop” is a Mike WiLL-produced song originally written for Rihanna. WiLL’s “repertoire” includes Juicy J’s “Bands a Make Her Dance” and Rihanna’s “Pour It Up.”

Additionally, WiLL produces two other songs for Cyrus’ new album, one which features the rapper Future.

The implication is that for a girl who seems to be distancing herself from all things “hood,” we’re going to end up getting a pretty “hood” album.

Makarechi continues:


“It seems like what’s happening here is that Cyrus ‘loves’ ‘hood’ culture, thinks it’s amusing and has no problem co-opting it for singles and/or viral videos, but doesn’t love the idea of herself being seen as part of it. And that’s gross.”

He definitely feels very strongly about this. Not that I have much room to talk. I used to write nasties about Farrah Abraham all the time.

Sound off your thoughts on the story below the video of Miley Cyrus talking about her new album:

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