Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery: Man Drops $5K To Look Like The Gos [Video]

How far would you go to look like your idol? Nicholas Ryan, an aspiring actor from New Jersey, dropped $5,000 to look like actor and heartthrob Ryan Gosling.

Just two hours of surgery and a couple thousand dollars later, Nicholas looks (he hopes) more like the Drive star. “I wanted was more definition in my jaw bone, like Ryan Gosling,” he says.

His plastic surgeon is Dr. Tim Neavin, who specializes in making people look more like celebrities. He said that Nicholas does have some similarities to the Gos but needs certain areas focused on to take him that much closer to his hero.

“The patient,” he said, “has some deficiencies, so we built those areas out to give him that squared-off jaw Ryan Gosling made famous.”

Though we can’t blame anyone for wanting to look more like Ryan Gosling (the man is, and continues to be, a chiseled and talented god), many have pointed out that Nicholas sort of falls short of his goal.

Andy McDonald of The Huffington Post snarks:

“Yes, it’s interesting to hypothesize where our world would be had actor Ryan Gosling not come forward and introduced us all to the “squared-off jaw.” If you have problems pronouncing it, don’t worry, we’ve only known about it since the the start of Gosling’s career, circa ‘The All New Mickey Mouse Club.’

“Kidding aside, this guy really looks nothing like Ryan Gosling. It’s important to invest in your career, but $5,000 on a jaw?”

Still, Nicholas says that he has achieved the desired effect:

“I went to a pool party this week, like we do here in LA, and this girl came up to me and she said, ‘you have a very Ryan Gosling look to you.’ I couldn’t believe it!” he said. “After all the stuff I had gone through, it was amazing.”

He hopes it will help his professional career too.

“I’m going for roles that demand a more rugged look in a man’s face. My favorite Ryan Gosling movie is Gangster Squad, a role that suits that type of heroic face.”

Dude, Gangster Squad? That’s where you went wrong.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Does Nicholas Ryan look anything like Ryan Gosling?

[Image via: Eye Opener TV]