Ryan Gosling Impostor Roams The Streets Of Detroit, Fools Everyone

Next time you see Ryan Gosling walking around Detroit in a hoodie and sunglasses, be warned, it may just be an impostor. For a while looking like Ryan Gosling could get someone fifteen minutes of fame, as experienced by YouTube sensation Joey Thompson. This time around a new Ryan Gosling look-alike is on the prowl, and he’s not alone.

A very different Ryan Gosling look-alike hit the streets of Detroit as part of a radio show gag. Instead of being a YouTube sensation, this Ryan Gosling paraded the streets of Detroit in a hoodie and black sunglasses just to see who would react. Radio station 95.5 Mojo took advantage of the Gosling look-alike’s uncanny appearance and pranked all of The Gos’ fans in the Detroit area. We’ll admit, if we saw this Ryan Gosling we would have been fooled too.

Along with the Mojo radio host, impostor Gosling was followed by a bodyguard, and at one point the paparazzi joined in on the fun too.

Currently the real Ryan Gosling is filming his directorial debut How to Catch a Monster, which is why the location worked out perfectly. It seems as though some of Gosling’s biggest fans were already on high alert that the actor was in town so when the impostor showed up they went a little nutty. One fan in the video is seen holding up a cardboard cut out of Ryan Gosling’s head. That’s a little creepy, even for Gosling’s rabid fan base.

During impostor Ryan’s stroll he was nice enough to stop and take pictures with anyone who asked, and there were a lot of people who wanted to get in on it. Impostor Gosling was swarmed by groups of giggling and screaming girls. The best or possibly worst part was various tweets and Instagram shots popped up that had occurred when this Ryan Gosling set out on his task. Talk about word getting around fast.

Would you have been fooled by impostor Ryan Gosling?