Squirrel In Toilet Shocks Winnipeg Couple [Video]

Winnipeg, Canada – What would you do if you randomly found a squirrel thrashing around in your toilet bowl?

A St. James couple got the shock of their lives early Wednesday morning when they heard something thrashing around in their bathroom. They investigated only to discover a cold, wet filthy squirrel in their toilet.

“At first I thought it was a rat, I was more in shock, I wasn’t necessarily afraid,” Angela Campbell said Wednesday afternoon.

“It sounded like a giant fish in a bowl … The poor thing, I don’t know how it survived.”

Though the photo (see above) obviously paints a more horrific picture of a mad demonic beast rising from dirty sewage water, Campbell said that she and her partner calmly rescued the squirrel from the toilet with a pair of barbecue tongs.

They put the animal in the tub and eventually got it outside onto the deck where Campbell washed it off with small buckets of water.

“It did not make a fuss as it was too weak,” said Campbell, who added that another squirrel even stopped by to check out the commotion.

After cleaning the toilet squirrel, Campbell went inside and watched the freshly-cleaned animal scamper off to a sunny patch of fence.

She said that the city’s water and waste department is investigating the incident, and repairing the sewage lines on her street. She believes that the squirrel got in through a pipe.

“Before I lifted the toilet seat, I was tapping on the bowl” she said with a laugh.

You can check out a video of Campbell cleaning the squirrel in her toilet below: