Mom Saves Baby After Being Hit By Cab

A young mom saved her baby after being hit by a livery cab on a Bronx sidewalk in New York.

The 17-year-old mother and her baby were struck by the cab after the cab driver lost consciousness after suffering from a heart attack that was later said to be fatal.

Both the mother and the baby’s carriage were struck, sending the mother flying several feet and trapping the baby under the cab.

Moving quickly, the young mother quickly got her bearings and then moved to pull her baby free from beneath the cab.

ABC News reported the mother’s quick-thinking and fast action likely saved her baby’s life.

According to ABC’s New York station WABC:

Police had said that the 68-year-old driver of a Lincoln Town car suffered a fatal heart attack and had lost consciousness before striking two vehicles and then jumping the curb and hitting the two victims.

The driver of the livery cab was pronounced dead on arriving to the hospital. Both the mother and baby where also hospitalized with shockingly minor injuries. Both are reported to be in stable condition.

One eye witness, Dr. Rachel Rosansky, was at the intersection of Prospect and Westchester Avenues at the time of the collision.

Rosansky told WABC that she could see that the cab driver was slumped over in his seat, over the wheel, well before the crash actually took place.

Rosansky then rushed over to help and said that she “couldn’t really find a pulse, but he was still breathing a little bit.”

George Martinez, the owner of livery told WABC, “He’s (the driver) a nice responsible driver, never do anything, always responsible.”

It would seem that this mother and baby were lucky, considering the accident could have taken both of their lives along with the cab driver.

The saying goes, “nothing’s stronger than a mother’s love.” Well, in this case, this mother’s love was able to possibly save her baby’s life.

[Image via Shutterstock/Ilya Andriyanov]