Ex-Journey Singer: Steve Perry All Smiles In Post-Surgery Photo

Ex-Journey singer Steve Perry was all smiles in a recent post-surgery photo he posted on his personal blog. The 64-year-old ran into MTV DJ Martha Quinn at a local street fair.

Both were coincidentally wearing a flannel shirt, and Quinn even pointed it out in her Twitter post. The photo comes after Perry was diagnosed and went through two successful surgeries for melanoma skin cancer.

The Californian found out about the melanoma after a “routine mole” was removed from his face which led to a lab report that revealed the issue. He had two surgeries in a span of two weeks, but he mentioned in his blog post that “they think they got it all,” and that “no other treatments are required.”

Times of late have been rough for Perry as he recently lost the love of his life, Kellie Nash, to brain cancer. Nash passed away in California in December after a long battle that included a move to New York for specific treatments.

The ex-Journey singer channeled his love for Nash in his blog on June 6, which you can see here. Steve Perry is regularly considered one of the most influential singers and songwriters of his generation and for many more to come, but he’s also shown signs of determination and perseverance for dealing with the loss of his love while battling through another form of the same disease.

The struggles with his own battle with cancer seem to be over now and Martha Quinn’s Twitter post shows Perry smiling, which is a good sign for all fans and supporters of the popular singer.

The picture does reveal Perry’s face scar, but it doesn’t look to be bothering him in the slightest bit. He said in the blog that he joked with Quinn about himself and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as they “both laughed.”

Doesn’t ex-Journey singer Steve Perry look happy and healthy in the recent post-surgery photo?