Netherlands UFO : Why Seeing Is Believing For Many

The Netherlands UFO photos have caused quite the stir this week, and seeing is believing for many people within our society today. The photos surfaced after Corinne Federer snapped a few shots while visiting the historical Muiderslot Castle.

She visited the castle with her mother and took a series of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs, which after being reviewed proved to show an unusual object in the sky. The question has now become whether the object is an actual alien spacecraft or if it’s something entirely different.

Society may never find it’s true answer, but many people want to believe in the sighting, or any UFO case for that matter, as the thought of life outside of Earth has become a worldwide debate. We have a knack for looking to the stars and wondering, “Is there something else out there?”

The notion of alien life has gained acceptance throughout the world as it represents the unknown. The questions and mysteries behind any alien theory is the fuel that drives our curiosity.

Experts shut down claims of sightings like that of the Netherlands UFO all the time, but that hasn’t stopped the majority of people from continuing on in their belief of alien life. Photos can be tampered with to create the illusion of a UFO, but Federer’s photos have been reviewed over and over again and show no signs of manipulation, according to experts.

Ben Hansen, the host of SyFy Channel’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files,” told the Huffington Post in an email that Federer’s photos look to be without any editing.

“Having reviewed the raw files, there’s no overt indication that the photos have been manipulated with post editing software,” he said through the email.

This doesn’t confirm that the photo reveals a UFO, but it does bring about more questions as to the likelihood of it actually being one. With no editing and no original interest in searching for an alien spacecraft, Federer’s unlikely find looks to be the best evidence towards alien life after hundreds of spoofs have all been shut down.

Do you have more reason to believe after seeing the Netherlands UFO photos?

[Image via: Elyktra Photoart]