Hydrocodone Demand Spurs Increase in Robberies

Pharmacies are seeing a "growing problem" with individuals willing to resort to violent means to gain access to painkillers like hydrocodone.

There are a few causes behind the spate of frightening crimes like the recent incident on Long Island in which the perpetrator shot four people dead during a theft of 10,000 hydrocodone pills. One is a growing number of uninsured Americans, many of whom have chronic pain or painkiller dependencies. Another is an FDA crackdown on online pharmacies.

Pharmacist Greg Hamby described a recent hydrocodone theft incident:

"...The gentleman walked in and proceeded to walk behind the counter and held one of the clerks at knife point and demanded that he give him some hydrocodone... Many times of course people can lose jobs and with certain things with health care we see lack of insurance now," adds Hamby.
But Hamby says he does not see an end to the problem's reach:
"It seems to me the situation is becoming worse. It's becoming more focused people less able to afford less money in the family budget."
Pharmacies are beginning to implement zombie apocalypse-type security measures like metal shutters to keep workers safe from violent theft of painkillers like hydrocodone.