Tim Tebow Signed By Patriots [Report]

Tim Tebow is being signed by the Patriots, according to a report, which adds that the team expects the quarterback to report to mini-camp on Tuesday.

Tebow has been teamless since he was dropped by the Jets earlier this year. For a while, many in the sports world wondered if his job loss would mean the end of his football career.

However, just a few days after New England coach Bill Belichick announced he had no hard feelings for the former Broncos/Jets quarterback, the Patriots apparently tapped Tebow.

Belichick’s comments came after a report by Yahoo!, which claimed that the Pats coach hated Tebow. The match could be good for Tebow and Belichick, as the coach has a reputation for making reclamation project players successful.

However, Belichick’s previous projects (Corey Dillon and Randy Moss, among others), had more problems off the field than on it. It was Tebow’s on-field performance that landed him on the bench, and ultimately without a job in the NFL.

The quarterback was drafted by the Broncos in the first round in 2010. After two seasons, Tebow was picked up by the Jets, where he fought for time on the field with two other QBs. While the Patriots deal is a promising sign for the once promising quarterback, Tim Tebow will likely still fight for field time behind Tom Brady and backup Ryan Mallett.

While the apparent job offer from the Patriots isn’t the first Tim Tebow has received since April, it is understandably his best option if he wants to compete in the NFL again. With Tebow aboard, the three-time Super Bowl championship team could have another shot at the title.

It is likely that Tebow will spend his time playing various roles on offense and special teams. The quarterback has 29 touchdowns and 15 turnovers in three seasons.

Do you think the Patriots’ decision to sign Tim Tebow is a good one?

[Image via Rob Wilson / Shutterstock.com]