Tim Tebow Gets Job Offer From Glenn Beck

Tim Tebow might be done in the NFL, but the wayward quarterback could have a job with Glenn Beck soon.

On his radio show, Beck and his co-hosts got into a discussion about Robert Griffin III’s new home in Northern Virginia. As the discussion progressed, they somehow end up talking about Tim Tebow and how he’ s still out of work.

“You can be a good guy — look at Tebow. You can be a good guy, clean life, and be on the wrong side politically, and you’re doomed,” Beck said. “Hopefully when he no longer has a job and he’s out of football, we’ll have enough money to hire him at this network to do sports. “

Beck’s co-hosts laughed, but Glenn seemed to be serious about hiring Tim Tebow.

“Who else would hire him to do even sports? ESPN probably wouldn’t hire him,” Beck said. “Nobody’s going to hire him, he’s too controversial. And think of that. No one’s going to hire him because he’s religious? It’s unbelievable.”

After being cut by the New York Jets, Tebow has faced rumors that his NFL career is coming to an end. No team seems interested in signing the unrestricted free agent, leading some people to believe that Tebow has been blackballed from the league due to the media circus that follows him.David Fleming of ESPN The Magazine says many in Tim Tebow’s camp are “privately admitting that his NFL run is probably over.”

But Tim Tebow denies that he’s giving up on the league. Ian Rapoport of NFL.com tracked down his dad, Bob Tebow, who said Tim remains committed to playing in the NFL.

Several NFL insiders are saying that if Tim Tebow does remain in the NFL, it will not be as a quarterback.

“He’s not a quarterback,” said one NFC scour. “When you look at his run two years ago, when you watch the tape and break it down, he wasn’t really doing anything that impressive. He’s a tough guy, a great leader, a great person. But he isn’t a good enough quarterback to have all the distractions that come with him.”

Of course, Tim Tebow could always just go to work for Glenn Beck.