EA Reveal ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ At E3 2013 [Video]

EA have finally unveiled the first proper glimpse of Bioware’s Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It seems like a lifetime ago since fans had to await the release of Dragon Age 2 in 2011, but, at least, the waiting for the next stage of the story is over.

The third installment of the franchise has had fans guessing for months about what to expect, what new and old characters will appear, and what the story will actually focus on.

Although EA didn’t give too much away about the game, they did reveal that, alongside new characters, there will be familiar faces that fans know and love.

The big reveal of Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins being involved got a huge roar from the crowd.

Since her mysterious exit at the end of the original game and at the end of Witch Hunt DLC, fans have been left wondering what her bigger purpose is to the story thus far.

Furthermore, with Morrigan’s mother, Flemeth, having made an appearance in Dragon Age 2, fans have continued to wildly speculate just how everything comes together and falls into place.

The knowledge that the questions may finally be answered is everything that fans have wanted to hear and more.

In addition the stunning graphics and familiar characters, Dragon Age: Inquisition will also be an open world game meaning it will finally join the in-depth and detailed ranks of games such as Skyrim.

Although Bioware has never disappointed with the Dragon Age series, and has always provided a large map for players to explore, they have failed to keep the world locations fresh and new.

In their last installment, fans despaired at the overuse of the same internal and external settings.

However, it seems that Bioware has learnt its lesson and is giving players an enormous open world to explore.

Moreover, they are waiting to release the game until fall 2014 to make sure that it is the best it can possibly be.

No doubt Bioware fans can remember the mixed reviews that Mass Effect 3 generated after its ending left gamers wanting; in an attempt to avoid repeating themselves, Bioware has promised to fine tune this game as much as humanly possible.

Dragon Age: Inquisition appears to already be delivering, and it’s only the beginning of this extraordinary games journey.

With the amount of extra content Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 amassed, this new installment is bound to deliver fans high intensity RPG content at its best.

[Image via VentureBeat]