24 Sets Of Twins: School Seeks World Record

School 24 Sets Of Twins

With 24 sets of twins, an Illinois school is trying to set a world record. The current record, 16 sets of twins, is concurrently held by three other schools.

The Illinois twins are not only in the same school, they are all in the same grade. With an incredible number of twins in the fifth grade, Highcrest Middle School may end up in the Guinness Book of World Records.

As reported by ABC News, Luke and Ryan Novosel, 11-year-old twins, submitted the information to Guinness. The boys researched Guinness records involving twins and realized that the record for sets of twins, in one grade, is currently 16. Luke and Ryan counted their classmates and discovered that their class had already beat the current record.

The Novosel boys collected the information, including birth records, to prove there are 24 sets of twins in the fifth grade at their school. Luke and Ryan submitted the application with the help of their parents. Although they have not yet received official confirmation, they expect to hear back in the coming weeks.

As reported by Fox News, Highcrest Middle School’s 24 sets of twins include two sets of female identical twins. The other sets are fraternal and include 11 sets of girls, three sets of boys, and 10 sets of boy-girl twins.

Statistically, around 30 sets of twins are born per 1,000 births. It seems unusual for so many to be in the same class. The current record for twins in the same grade is 16. The title is shared by Valley Southwoods Freshman High School in Iowa, Staples High School in Connecticut, and Maine South High School in Illinois.

Nancy Fendley, mother of Luke and Ryan, is proud of her sons for submitting the application:

“We were absolutely shocked … I think it’s just statistically kind of bizarre … The whole school thinks it’s the greatest thing. … It’s been such a fun, creative experience.”

With or without a world record, it is remarkable that one school has 24 sets of twins — all in the same grade. Most importantly all of the twins are enjoying the attention and the possibility of making it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Picture of all 24 sets of twins: Here

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