Kylie Jenner SUV, Worth $125K, Gets Spa Day

Kylie Jenner’s SUV costs more than most American families see for their yearly total income, and it stands to reason the truck will be treated accordingly.

At just 15, Kylie Jenner’s SUV costs more than many people’s houses, but the $125,000 Mercedes Benz G Wagon gets dirty just like our cars that cost a tenth what the teen’s first ride did.

Over on Instagram, Kylie Jenner’s SUV was shared with the teen Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s followers, despite the fact that as RadarOnline notes, the teen isn’t even eligible for a full license in her home state yet:

“California issues Provisional Permits to drivers starting at age 15 1/2. They can only operate a vehicle with a licensed driver over the age of 18 in the front passenger seat with them … Assuming she passes her test, Kylie can get her California Driver License when she turns 16 on August 10.”

Kylie Jenner’s SUV is a pretty sweet ride — and the hooptie has needs too. Besides, HuffPo adds, it’s not like Kylie Jenner’s SUV was any sort of favoritism.

The site explains that big sis Kendall also got a high-priced SUV when she turned 16 a few years back, but then again, that one didn’t even crack six figures:

“We have to wonder if the extravagant wheels were an early birthday present as Jenner turns sweet 16 in August — and we also have to wonder if her older sister Kendall is slightly jealous, since she only snagged a $90,000 Range Rover when she turned 16 in 2011.”

Jenner’s SUV looked totally hot after its spa day, Kylie said, tweeting a few days later:

“Thank you @spinimaging for matting my G!! I can’t stop staring at it.”

Before Kylie Jenner’s SUV got spruced up, the teen tweeted:

Then Kylie linked to Instagram, with a pic of her shiny vehicle post-spa.

Do you think Kylie Jenner’s SUV is too extravagant for a young teen?