Wire: Netralia announces major new version of their Video Call Recording & Editing Suite, VODBURNER

Skype app developer Netralia today announced a major new version of their popular Video Call Recording & Editing Suite, VodBurner. The new version adds editing capabilities to allow users to easily create polished final productions from their recorded calls.

VodBurner is the only Skype video call recorder on the market to offer built-in video editing facilities. The editing features were initially quite basic, but the features in the new version take VodBurner’s post-production console a step closer to being a fully-fledged video editor:

Flexible Aspect Ratios: The ability to create finished videos in a number of different aspect ratios. These include the basic 4:3 available in the original, as well as 16:9, 8:3 (for full side-by-side view of both participants) and a number of other standard ratios.

Add Text: The ability to add text to the video in post-production. The original VodBurner had a very basic captioning facility, limited to a single caption across the bottom of the video. The new version allows any number of text items to be added, and allows the user to change the font, background, color and other attributes.

Add Picture: The ability to add images to the video in post-production.

Add Audio: The ability to add background audio and other audio to the recorded call. This includes the ability to fade the audio in and out as well as other advanced features.

VodBurner is a free product when used to record calls where both parties to the call have VodBurner installed. For other calls, all the new features are available for free in the post-production console, but a subscription is needed in order to include these in the final video for sharing and publication. The subscription fee is $9.95 USD per month.

VodBurner has been on the market for six months and has over 10,000 active users. Netralia also produces the popular Skype apps Skylook and CallBurner, and has been publishing software for Skype since 2005.

More details on the Vodburner site here.