Building Collapse In Philadelphia Kills 1, Injures 13 [Video]

A building collapse in Philadelphia has claimed at least one victim with over a dozen more still injured.

The vacant building collapsed onto a thrift store in Philadelphia early Wednesday, killing one and trapping more than a dozen under rubble for several hours, according to CNN.

One woman, who has not yet been identified, was killed by the collapse.

Fourteen have since been pulled from the wreckage, including one who managed to walk away without serious injury. Search and rescue crews are still looking for additional victims.

“We have two dogs that have come out to work the pile (of debris), to locate others,” said Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers. “…It’s an active search-and-rescue right now.”

Twelve of those rescued ave been taken to area hospitals with minor injuries. Those caught by the building collapse in Philadelphia were said to be in fair condition by officials.

Witnesses who saw the building collapse recalled seeing it crush a Salvation Army thrift store next door and shaking the surrounding area.

“You felt it shake,” a witness told a local affiliate. “There was people that actually fell over. People started screaming, they ran across the street. There was people inside the building, you heard them scream.”

Bystanders rushed to the scene after the collapse to help pull victims from the wreck.

One witness said that he knew that the building, scheduled to be demolished, would be coming down at some point.

“For weeks they’ve been standing on the edge, knocking bricks off, pieces of, you could just see it was ready to go at any time. I knew it was going to happen. I seen it. I said it 10 times. Ask these guys. Every day, I said, ‘It’s gonna collapse, it’s gonna collapse.'”

Police called the collapse an “industrial accident,” and investigators found “no existing violations” at the building.

The Salvation Army issued a statement, in which they said a disaster response team had been sent to the area. They also asked the public to pray for its employees, customers and others involved in the collapse.

You can follow our live feed of the building collapse in Philadelphia here.

[Image via: Belga News Navigator]