Hot New A-Team trailer to remind you of why the ’80’s weren’t that great

Ah fond memories of my youth wasted in front of the television watching my favorite shows – well at least when the parents said I could. Rockford Files, MASH, Mannix and then later the baddest of them all, acting included, had to be The A-Team. while I much preferred George Peppard in his role as Banacek he certainly added something to what was basically a schlocky action show.

Now as much as we all might have hoped that the horrors of our youth such as shows like The A-Team would forever remain as filler on TVLand it seems that movie makers with their total lack of an ability to come up with anything new have resurrected The A-Team for the big screen. rumor has it that the team will be re-assembling to assault our better movie going judgement and hit the theaters on June 11.

For now – courtesy the guys at – we have a trailer hot off the presses to help keep us amused – or running for cover whichever the case maybe.

The sad part of this .. I’m looking forward to wasting 2 hours of my life to watch this.