Naked Man Arrested For Hiding In Neighbor’s Dryer

A naked man was arrested for hiding in his neighbor’s dryer, according to a recent report from Ohio’s Wave 3 News.

This will probably come as a shock to many of The Inquisitr‘s readers, but the man was, in fact, intoxicated when police were called to Hutton Street in Linwood, Ohio.

The naked man hiding in his neighbor’s dryer, 39-year-old Shaun Welsh, led police on a short foot chase before ending up in the appliance and being discovered there by police.

Welsh was arrested and taken to the Hamilton County Justice Center. He waived the right to a trial and received a five-day sentence, which if math serves correctly, should be up by Wednesday at the latest.

According to a separate report from WKRC Cincinnati, the couple that initially called police reported Welsh on the side of the road unconscious. They told the station it wasn’t clear if the man was dead or alive at the time.

Apparently, police and medics responded once and took Welsh back to his house. However, it wouldn’t be long before he reemerged wearing his boxer shorts. At that point, he attempted to break in to several neighborhood windows.

(Welsh has a lengthy criminal history, WKRC noted, including several convictions for breaking and entering.)

No idea when the boxer shorts came off.

This certainly isn’t the first time that an intoxicated person was arrested in a precarious position. In September 2012, a Kentucky man was cuffed and dragged off to jail for riding his horse while inebriated.

(He was charged with a DUI.)

And then, of course, there was the epic meltdown of Dazed and Confused actor Jason London, who got into a bar fight and then soiled himself in the back of the police car.

Compared to those two guys, Welsh comes out of this looking okay.

Aside from the naked man hiding in his neighbor’s dryer and the other two examples, what’s the craziest public intox story you’ve ever heard?

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