Kentucky Man Charged With DUI For Riding His Horse While Intoxicated

A Kentucky man was recently charged with DUI for riding his horse down the middle of the street after knocking back a few beer’s at his son’s birthday party, according to Central Kentucky News. When authorities managed to get the guy off his beautiful white stead, they discovered the suspect was clearly incapable of properly piloting the horse. As a result, he was sent to the local drunk tank to sober up.

“I got out with him, started talking with him to tell him that he needed to not be on the roadway after dark,” Sargent Todd Sponcil explained. “He was obviously intoxicated. I got him off the horse and tried to talk to him a little bit, and he was just too far gone, so we ended up taking him to jail.”

The suspect, 55-year-old Danny J. Reynolds, was reportedly so drunk that he couldn’t stand up straight. After wobbling to the police car, authorities escorted the inebriated gentleman to the county jail.

According to WKYT, Reynolds celebrated his son’s birthday by downing several alcoholic bevarages, after which he went trail riding with some friends. At one point during the impromptu trip, the suspect briefly ceased his horseback adventures to snack on a handful of crackers. It was around this time that officers showed up to address the situation.

Reynolds explained that it was his diabetes that made him stagger around, not the several beers he’d consumed earlier that day. A quick search of the intoxicated horse rider’s pockets revealed a package of rolling papers and a small bag of marijuana.

“I really didn’t mean to cause any harm,” Reynolds explained. “I definitely learned my lesson and I hope other riders pay attention.”

Reynold’s finished celebrating his son’s birthday with charges of operating a non-motor vehicle under the influence and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Do you think that a person should be charged with DUI for riding a horse?