Do you speak Teabonics?

Adherents to the loosely-connected, vaguely angry about something social movement known as “tea partiers” or “tea baggers” are known for, above all else, their inability to string together a properly spelled or coherently composed sentence. (Scroll past the pics below to view the first part of a clip from Real Time with Bill Maher from last Friday for another example.)

Someone has taken some of the more egregious examples of teabagger spelling and grammar abuse and corralled them all into a handy Flickr set devoted to “Teabonics,” a portmanteau of “teabaggers” and “ebonics.” (The name itself might be doubly inflammatory to some teabaggers, many of whom haven’t been shy about airing their racial grievances via incoherent sharpie on cardboard ramblings.)

Are you angry about “socilisim” or fear “Barock Husein” influencing your children? If so, the pics below might provide some inspiration. Otherwise, feel free to giggle and learn why it’s best to simmer down before you pick up the markers and the posterboard or risk getting mocked on the internet. (Click through for the full set.)