Fabrice Muamba Latest: Soccer Player Making 'Encouraging Progress'

Fabrice Muamba, the 23-year-old soccer player who suffered a cardiac arrest 41 minutes into a game on Saturday, March 18, is said to be making 'encouraging progress,' and even watched his team's last game from his hospital bed.

A joint statement issued by the hospital and Bolton said:

"Fabrice Muamba remains in intensive care at the London Chest Hospital, where his condition is serious but stable. He continues to make encouraging progress in his recovery. Over the weekend, he has been able to sit out of bed for a short time, watch television and has begun to eat. However, he will need to continue to be closely monitored by the medical team at the London Chest for some time. His family requests that he receive no more visitors for the moment, outside of immediate family and members of Bolton Wanderers Football Club."
Despite the fact he was technically dead for 78 minutes after his on-field collapse, Muamba's speedy recovery continues.

His team gave Fabrice the best possible 'get well' gift: a crucial 2-1 win against Blackburn. Both sets of fans chanted Muamba's name throughout the game, and Bolton supporters organized a mosaic tribute to the midfielder before kick-off (above). Each team also wore 'Muamba 6' shirts in the warm-up before the game - a gesture mirrored around the football world, from Manchester to Barcelona.

Alas, Bolton manager Owen Coyle revealed the player didn't quite stay awake for the whole game: he fell asleep with his club at 2-0 up. Thankfully, they held on.

Below is the moment Muamba collapsed on the field in Bolton's game against Tottenham. The two teams replay the abandoned match tonight, in what is likely to be an emotionally charged scene at White Hart Lane.