Rock Of Ages Trailer: Watch Tom Cruise Sing Bon Jovi [Video]

The first trailer for "Rock Of Ages" only gave a glimpse of Tom Cruise as rock icon Stacie Jaxx. The new trailer, however, showcases the "Mission Impossible" star's vocal talent as he belts out some Bon Jovi.

And apparently, the vocals are all actually done by Cruise. Julianne Hough, who plays Sherrie Christian in the movie, told MTV:

"Tom was fantastic... Anybody who knows Tom knows that he is literally the most hard working and intense and committed actor out there. He worked everyday to perfect it and he really did it."
Cruise is hardly the only movie star in "Rock of Ages." The movie, which is an adaptation of the Broadway musical, also stars Alec Baldwin, Russel Brand, Bryan Cranston, Catherine Zeta Jones, Paul Giamatti, Will Forte and Mary J. Blige.

Here's the synopsis for "Rock Of Ages."

"Set in 1987 Los Angeles, Drew and Sherrie are two young people chasing their dreams in the big city. When they meet, it's love at first sight, though their romance will face a series of challenges."
The movie is set for release on June 15th.

Here's the second trailer for "Rock of Ages."