Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio Together Only Because He Was ‘Great In Bed’ [Video]

Marilyn Monroe would have been 87 years old Saturday, and fans and admirers gathered around the globe to celebrate the troubled star’s enduring beauty. Her close friend, Amy Green, agreed to talk about Monroe a few days ago, and I’ve posted the video below for your viewing enjoyment.

The actress died still young and glamorous at age 36, which may explain why she has remained an enduring sex symbol over the decades since she passed in 1962. Green opened up about Monroe’s second marriage to retired baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, revealing that the beautiful actress never got the opportunity to see him play.

The New York Yankees Major League Baseball center fielder played for his entire 13-year career for the same team. In 1941 DiMaggio set an amazing 56-game hitting streak record which still stands to this day, even though he played long before the era of performance enhancing drugs or modern training techniques.

The two celebrities had a troubled marriage that included allegations that DiMaggio beat Marilyn Monroe.

He wasn’t thrilled that she took time out from their honeymoon in Tokyo to perform 10 shows in four days for over 100,000 service personnel in Korea, and it was downhill from there, according to reports at the time. DiMaggio and Monroe also had a screaming battle in the lobby of a Manhattan theater where Monroe filmed the now-famous skirt-blowing scene for The Seven Year Itch.

Forget seven whole years. They lasted nine months before she filed for divorce on the grounds of mental cruelty.

Amy Green was a baseball fan and an admirer of Joe DiMaggio’s game. But Marilyn Monroe wasn’t. So what brought the unhappy pair together at all?

Green offered a theory: “She never saw him play, the relationship between Joe and Marilyn…he was great in bed, that was the only thing those two had together.”

And that wasn’t enough for Marilyn Monroe.
[Marilyn Monroe publicity still by 20th Century Fox]