Obamacare Starts In 2014, But 54 Percent Oppose The Affordable Care Act

Obamacare starts in 2014, but 54 percent of Americans oppose the implementation of the Affordable Care Act passed several years ago in 2010.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Obamacare starts when in 2014 private health insurance becomes a requirement for all employed United States citizens. But in actuality a huge chunk of Obamacare has already been implemented in the form of taxes and organizational changes within the IRS, which will oversee Obamacare.

Even before Obamacare starts some doctors are stopping insurance coverage. One doctor claims this allows them to eliminate the insurance paperwork and improve both patient care and the bottom line. But Obamacare supporters claim the electronic patient data required to be collected will allow doctors to provide better health care for less money.

When Obamacare starts the Affordable Care Act is likely to be unpopular. A CNN/ORC International poll reports 54 percent of Americans saying they oppose Obamacare. As might be predicted, only 16 percent of Republicans approve of Obamacare while 75 percent of Democrats support it. But 16 percent say they don’t support Obamacare because it does not go far enough and implement a government controlled single payer system.

CNN polling director Keating Holland explains the other statistical results:

“A majority of younger Americans favor the new health care law; support among other age groups falls as low as 31% among senior citizens. Only a third of whites support the law, compared to six in 10 nonwhites. Obamacare also wins majority support in urban areas and in the Northeast, the bluest region of the country.”

What’s most disconcerting is that even as Obamacare starts soon health insurance companies “don’t know what their costs will be next year. So they’re guessing. They’re guessing who will enter the exchanges. They’re guessing who will choose to buy their coverage. They’re guessing whether healthy, young people will obey the individual mandate or pay the penalty. They’re guessing what price they’ll need to be competitive against other insurers, given differences in the networks, benefits, etc. But as they’ll admit to you with a bit of anxiety, they really are just guessing.”

When Obamacare starts in 2014, what do you plan on doing?