‘Halo Bootcamp’ Outed By Korea’s Game Ratings Board, Confirmed By Microsoft

Recently, a listing on Korea’s Game Ratings Board was discovered for a mysterious title from Microsoft referred to as Halo: Bootcamp. Rather than going with a “no comment” on the listing, Microsoft has instead opted to confirm the title’s existence.

Unfortunately, just what it is, exactly, is unknown – but we at least know what it isn’t.

In response to all of the speculation, Microsoft issued a statement to CVG confirming that Halo: Bootcamp is indeed a project in the works, and that it’s something the company is “very excited” about.

Additionally, the rep confirmed that the project is not tied to the Reclaimer Saga introduced by 343 Industries’ Halo 4, nor is it associated with Xbox One. Considering that the original listing pegged it as a PC game, it would seem that Microsoft is looking into crafting some sort of online game set in the Halo universe – possibly even an MMO.

Here’s what the rep told the site:

“What’s Bootcamp? It is not related to our Xbox One efforts, or the Reclaimer Saga, but rather a project we’re very enthusiastic about and will have more to say about in the near future.”

There are more questions still. That Halo: Bootcamp showed up first on the Korean Ratings Board could suggest that the project could be an online game geared towards the Asian market, but not necessarily. In the industry, we see international titles outed by foreign ratings boards just about every month.

If there’s anything that’s certain, it’s that news of the game’s existence has fans of the series’ interests piqued. It’s certainly possible that Microsoft may make mention of the title – and possibly even show it – at E3 next month, but Microsoft hasn’t said when it plans to pull back the curtains.

If Halo: Bootcamp makes it to the west – and is indeed for the PC – would you be interested in playing an online game set in Halo‘s universe? Something along the lines of PlanetSide 2, perhaps? Or would you prefer a more traditional Halo game?

Familiar though it may be, the formula still apparently works.