2009 NFL Draft on year later: Seattle Seahawks

The 2009 draft of the Seattle Seahawks shows the failure of pre draft player rankings. The draft is not a science, it is merely conjecture. I along with Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are wrong far more often then we are right. Last year everyone had LB Aaron Curry has the most NFL ready prospect in the draft. Many of us wanted him to go to St. Louis, I wanted my Lions to draft him, but he ended up not even being the best LB in that draft, and we could argue that he wasn’t even in the top ten of best prospects from the 2009 draft one year later.

So let us look at the 2009 draft picks of the Seahawks:

1.Round One (4)- LB Aaron Curry
2.Round Two (49)- C Max Unger
3.Round Three (91)- WR Deon Butler
4.Round Six (178)- QB Mike Teel
5.Round Seven (245)- DB Courtney Green
6.Round Seven (247)- DE Nick Reed
7.Round Seven (248)- TE Cameron Morrah

This is a pretty poor draft, graded somewhere in the bottom of the C range. They bit on the apparently over hyped Curry who gave them just 61 tackles and 2 sacks. Unger may have been the best pick, playing 13 games at RT before taking over the center position. WR Butler played every game but only caught 15 passes. QB Teel did not play, and that is just a wasted pick. Same for Greene who was cut in training camp. Reed played every game and had 17 tackles. That brings us two TE Morrah who caught one ball in the three games he played in.

So the Seahawks wasted at least two of their picks, spent another on an over hyped talent, and got little production out of the rest. The Unger picks proves they can make good selections, but it there any wonder why they have the sixth pick in the 2010 draft? They didn’t improve at all, the other teams got a little worse.

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