Peyton Manning Shoots A 77 At Augusta

Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but he can also hold his own on the golf course. The Denver Broncos quarterback shot a 77 at Augusta this weekend while golfing with head coach John Fox and Broncos legend John Elway.

Manning wouldn’t be winning any PGA tournaments, his 77 is 5 over at Augusta, but the Broncos quarterback is definitely comfortable on the golf course.

Manning’s 77 comes just a few days after the quarterback hit a hole in one at a course in Denver. According to the LA Times, Peyton decided to join a group of random golfers while he was waiting for his tee time with John Fox. While out on his practice round, Peyton hit a hole-in-one on a 166 yard par three.

The NFL quarterback said that it wasn’t his first hole-in-one.

Manning said: “I made one in college, but I was with some buddies. This was the first one I’d ever seen go in. In college, we looked in the bunker, the woods, everywhere, and somebody said, ‘It’s in the hole!’ It’s a little anticlimactic. But the guys I was playing with this time, they were so excited. I mean, I was excited, but you’ve seen me when I throw a touchdown; I’m kind of ho-hum. These guys went nuts.”

Manning has proved his worth on the golf course but he still can’t compare to Elway. The NFL hall of famer shot a 79, 74 and 72 during three rounds of Augusta. As for coach John Fox, well, he was just happy to be playing with Elway and Manning.

Fox said: “I played horribly. I started out as a 14-handicap, but after they saw the way I was playing, they moved me to a 20.”

[Image Via Wikimedia]