‘Smash’ Misspells Anjelica Huston’s Name In Finale’s Opening Credits [Photo]

Smash misspelled Anjelica Huston’s name during the opening credits of the series finale.

Everyone makes mistakes, especially when it comes to names that feature unusual spellings. However, it’s amazing that this blunder managed to make its way through so many professional hands before arriving on the small screen.

The eagle-eyed folks at The Wrap were among those who spotted the misspelling of star Anjelica Huston’s name. If the show wasn’t already on its way out of the proverbial door, chances are someone’s head would have rolled for this one.

The error reportedly occurred during the second hour of the 120-minute Smash finale. Instead of Anjelica Huston, the individual responsible for writing out the credits opted for Angelica Huston.

It’s certainly an easy mistake to make; this writer has been forced to backspace several times while writing this article. However, you’d think that someone at NBC would have spotted the misspelling before the episode hit the airwaves. Considering the show is already canceled, maybe they simply didn’t care enough to correct it.

Entertainment Weekly points out that the episode on Hulu still hasn’t been corrected. A quick check shows that Anjelica is still spelled Angelica. Oddly enough, the credits featured during the first hour are just fine.

After struggling to find an audience during season two, the network decided that Smash had run its course. The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that the musical drama was among many shows that would not be returning next season.

“Thank you to everyone who watched ‘Smash!’ Been an amazing ride. And thanks to NBC for the opportunity to play a great gal such as Karen. So grateful,” star Katharine McPhee tweeted following the show’s cancellation. Although the actress’ name also features an unusual spelling, the network managed to get hers right.

What do you think about Anjelica Huston’s name being misspelled during the credits for the Smash finale?