Workers Feel They Should Be HR-Free To Pursue Office Romance

Many of us spend more of our time at work than anywhere else during the week, including home — if you don’t include sleep. Therefore, it’s highly likely you’ll encounter a co-worker who catches your eye, as statistically 40 percent of people admit they’ve dated one at least once during their career.

These types of relationships are often ill-advised as they can create uncomfortable drama in the workplace. Situations of office harassment can stem from a blossoming romance as jealousy, rivalries, or complicated love triangles can emerge. Just picture working with or under your significant other’s ex. If nothing else, the emotional entanglement of the relationship can put a strain on work performance — especially if things sour.

Complications can be avoided by banning interoffice dating. Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace — something that can easily be compromised if a relationship ends poorly. Thus, many companies have policies in place forbidding beyond professional associations between workers.

However, according to the results of a Business Insider sex-at-work survey, nearly 90 percent of the 2,500 respondents thought human resources shouldn’t have a right to know if employees are consensually commingling, and feel sex between co-workers is acceptable.

As long as it is not between a senior employee and someone they hold immediate professional influence over HR shouldn’t have to be apprised – still 64 percent felt bosses should avoid dating their immediate subordinates.

Of those polled, nearly half have acted on pursing an office crush. Nearly 52 percent did not see a point in reporting the relationship with a colleague to HR as long as the two agreed to be professional otherwise. Only 10 percent deemed sex between co-workers a bad idea, 26.6 percent finding it “usually a bad idea.”

Have you ever dated a colleague? Did it end poorly, or have you been happily together for years? Do you think interoffice dating is a bad idea?

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