‘Blossom’ Star Mayim Bialik Divorce Finalized

Former Blossom star Mayim Bialik has finalized her divorce from her husband of nine years.

The current Big Bang Theory star and ex-husband Michael Stone have ended their marriage amicably, with each taking one of the homes they owned together. Bialik ended up with a 1,400-square-foot, 1 bedroom home in Studio City, and Stone got possession of a 1,300-square-foot, 3-bedroom home in Sherman Oaks.

The couple married in 2003 and filed for divorce in November 2012. Bialik cited irreconcilable differences and sought joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s two sons. Some have speculated that Bialik’s advocation of attachment parenting was what caused the split, but Bialik was quick to dispel those rumors.

“The hands-on style of parenting we practice played no role in the changes that led to this decision,” she said. “Relationships are complicated no matter what style of parenting you choose.”

Bialik went on to say that her main concern was for the wellbeing of her sons, 7-year-old Miles and 4-year-old Frederick. She said divorce “is terribly sad, painful and incomprehensible for children. It is not something we have decided lightly.”

The 37-year-old’s parenting style also included a controversial decision to breastfeed her sons past the recommended 12-month period. In February, she wrote a blog for Jewish parenting site Kveller explaining that she had weaned her 4-year-old son, Fred, but that it was a move she “initiated reluctantly.”

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss being able to latch him on and make it all better,” she said. “We have other ways to soothe Fred now. When he’s very very upset or very very hurt, we lay on the couch where he nursed countless mornings, afternoons, and evenings, and we rock and I sing to him his favorite lullabies.”

Mayim Bialik went on to say hat she knows there was “never ever ever anything wrong with nursing Fred,” and that she was doing what she thought was best for him.

Are you surprised that Mayim Bialik and her husband have gotten a divorce?

[Photo credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]