August 6, 2017
'Iron Man 3' Footage Shown To Delighted Fans At Comic-Con

Comic-Con goers have already been treated to previews to TV shows like The Walking Dead, movie trailers to films like Oz, and musician made comic-books like Coldplay's new Mylo Xyloto. But today, Marvel comic fans got a special treat as Robert Downey Jr. and the rest of the cast presented the first Iron Man 3 footage at the annual festival.

The new footage revealed a few secrets about the new Iron Man film. For one, it confirmed that Sir Ben Kingsley would be playing the villain in the movie. Kingsley will be playing Mandarin in the new film.

According to Entertainment Wise, the Iron Man 3 footage also showed Guy Pearce in an Iron Man type suit and gave a sneak peek at the highly anticipated and mysterious Iron Patriot. Director Shane Black revealed that Don Cheadle will wear the Iron Patriot suit at some point during the film.

Robert Downey Jr., who made his entrance at Comic-Con among dozens of children dressed up as the comic-book character, was joined by Jon Favreau, Don Cheadle, and "Iron Man 3" director Shane Black.

Favreau directed the first two films, and appears in the third, but decided to hand the reigns over to Black. Downey Jr. said that Black has a good relationship with the production and was very helpful during the first two films.

Downey Jr. said:

"Jon and I used to call Shane Black and ask him when we were stuck on what to do with the scenes and now Shane and I call John when we are stuck."
Black added after showing five minutes of Iron Man 3 footage:
"We're halfway through [filming], and if we don't f--k up the rest, it will be great."
The new footage isn't available online yet but you can watch a clip of Robert Downey Jr.'s entrance here.