London Mayor Boris Johnson Wrote A Rap About Queen’s Jubilee

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has admitted to Will Smith that he wrote a rap for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Smith was in London with his son, Jaden, to promote their upcoming sci-fi film, After Earth, when he met up with the Mayor to celebrate the achievements of the Mayor’s Leadership Clubs, which launched in London earlier this year.

Boris Johnson told the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air star and rapper, “My first rap, I haven’t really set it to music yet. Perhaps with your help. I can send you a lyric. It was about the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.”

Smith then dryly responded, “That was big in the hip-hop community.” He then talked to around 80 school children at the event, noting, “I think it’s hugely important to take these moments. I want to thank you all for being an example for your fellow citizens so I congratulate you on that.”

At the event Jaden Smith talking about working with his father, stating, “He has, as you can see, all the experience you ever need. So if you ever need anything on set, you can just walk over and ask him. He’s like a walking dictionary. Any time I’m lost or anything, I can just ask him.”

Johnson added about the celebrations, “I was totally out of my depth there when we did the rapping stuff but it’s fantastic, really wonderful Will and Jaden have given up their time to come here and electrify these kids. This is something they are going to remember for a very long time, if not the rest of their lives.”

He then added, “The idea is that leadership clubs are things that inspire you to do great things in your life. Maybe you’re not going to be Will Smith and Jaden but everyone’s got something fantastic in them.”

Boris Johnson also found time to upload an image of him with Will Smith and his son to his Twitter feed, stating, “Great to see Will Smith, @officialjaden & 90 kids at my Leadership Club achievement events today at City Hall.”

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