Boris Johnson Goes Zip Lining, It Does Not Go Well [Video]

London mayor Boris Johnson celebrated Britain’s first gold medal of the 2012 Olympic Games in the only way possible: by zip-lining over Victoria Park while waving two mini British flags.

It did not go well.

Johnson got stuck and ended up dangling from the zip-wire about 20-feet off the ground.

There are many reasons why the video is funny. First, Boris Johnson is just a big funny man and when he does things like zip-lining, even if it’s successful, it’s pretty funny. Second, Boris made waves earlier this week when he bragged about how his country has done a phenomenal job of organizing the 2012 London Olympics. Third, just look at that hard hat and those tiny flags and listen to Boris yell for a rope or a ladder.

The Guardian reports that Johnson was stuck in Zip-Lining limbo for about five minutes.

After the incident, a spokesman said:

“Clearly the judges are likely to mark him down for artistic interpretation and, unlike Team GB, he won’t be bagging any gold medals today but he remains unbowed.”

Here’s the video of Boris Johnson zip-lining.

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