‘Sanctum 2’ Gets Another Patch

Sanctum 2 is getting another patch.

An innovative twist on the tower defense genre, Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the title where you not only build your defenses against the incoming invaders, but also slip into first-person shooter mode to blast everything to pieces. It gives the genre a satisfying new twist by giving you more control.

Sanctum 2 allows you to play through the game in single player mode or in cooperative multiplayer and gives you a story where you learn the secrets of the planet and why the alien invaders are so bent on destroying the cores you’re trying to protect. Coffee Stain Studios clearly went out of their way to give us a game that expands on several genres at once.

The patch deals with the complaints many gamers had about the multiplayer aspects of Sanctum 2, where the resources dropped at each level’s core, making for a frustrating game of running back and forth for more. There was also the heavily exploited problem that the game would not let players share resources, leading to some aggravating moments where you realized other players were stealing more than their share.

The patch released today addresses those issues, so you no longer lose resources as other players steal them on each level. You now receive resources directly, and you share by aiming at another player and pushing the appropriate button. Also the amount required to upgrade your towers is now displayed in the upgrade bar.

Towers in Sanctum 2 have been made more powerful, and the swarm enemies now come in larger groups to make them easier to identify.

When a player is killed off or leaves the game, their resources are now divided evenly among the remaining players.

In general, Sanctum 2 has been made more balanced and distribution made more fair. There may not be as much of players hogging everything just because the system allows it.

What do you think of the new patch released for Sanctum 2?