Samsung Beats Apple By Wide Margin In Rescuecom Reliability Testing

Samsung is more reliable than Apple by a wide margin, according to a new reliability test from the team at Rescuecom.

The report focuses on the Q1 2013 period and examines tablets, computers, and other mobile devices from the likes of Lenovo, Asus, Toshiba, HP, Dell, and Acer, among others.

According to Rescuecom, Apple maintained a 26.2 percent market share when iPad sales and other devices are taken into account. The company says 11 percent of all calls to its call centers were Apple related. That places Apple as the fifth highest for the eight largest device manufacturers.

In comparison, Samsung accounted for 9.4-percent of shipped devices for Q1 2013 but only received 0.8 percent of all support calls.

Based on Rescuecom’s numbers Samsung received a Computer Reliability Score of 1,170 compared to Apple’s 237.

According to Rescuecom CEO David Milman, “Much like the shift from PC desktops to laptops, a shift is happening from PCs to mobile computing, including tablets,”

Last year, a similar report placed Apple at sixth in ranking with 9.7-percent shipment share and 12.7-percent share of support calls. That same study found Samsung shipping 4.3-percent of all devices with a 0.7-percent call volume.

In its report, Rescuecom does not break down what type of calls are being made for Apple and Samsung support.

With so many Apple devices reaching market, an increase in the number of calls makes sense; however, the ratio of sales to support does appear to show a higher level of reliability for Samsung devices vs. Apple sold products.

Do you think Samsung-based products are more reliable than Apple-based products or is this survey flawed in some way?