McCarthy Fires Extra From ‘Tammy’ Set For Alleged Child Abuse [Report]

Melissa McCarthy fired an extra on the set of Tammy, where she’s a first-time director of the movie currently being filmed on location in Wilmington, North Carolina.

According to TMZ, who saluted McCarthy for acting like a boss on the film that she’s co-directing with husband Ben Falcone, the nasty scene took place on Monday.

Their sources claimed that a young woman in her twenties had brought her four- or five-year old son to the set but couldn’t keep the boy quiet. He kept hanging on her and whining loudly enough to disrupt the production, which included around 200 other extras.

Hmm. A suspicious mind might guess that freshman director McCarthy was already looking for a reason to axe the $58-a-day worker. She just needed a legal leg to stand on.

Reportedly, the woman jerked the child up by the wrist, and that was it. McCarthy ordered assistants to remove the woman from the set, saying she wouldn’t tolerate child abuse.

Double hmm. You or I might refuse to tolerate child abuse by calling the police. But that’s just us. We’re just funny that way, I guess.

If the TMZ report is accurate, apparently the thing to do is to fire the kid’s already low-paid mother and put the family under even more stress.

“This makes us love Melissa even more,” entertainment blogger Elizabeth Larsen said, who called McCarthy a bouncer in her coverage of the story.

OK, maybe. That’s certainly a point of view. But I’ll freely admit that I’m not so sure.

At the time of writing, there hasn’t been any comment from Melissa McCarthy’s team about the alleged incident.

If the scene happened the way it was described, do you think the yelling and jerking was child abuse? And would you have handled it McCarthy’s way, by simply firing the extra?

[Melissa McCarthy photo by Helga Esteb /]