Candace Cameron Bure Blasts Kanye West For ‘Comparing Himself To Jesus’ [Video]

Former Full House star Candace Cameron Bure is not a fan of Kanye West’s upcoming album title, Yeezus.

Bure went on Sway in the Morning and was asked about how her religious beliefs factor into the types of roles she accepts.

The devout Christian, who said her faith “penetrates every aspect of her life,” said she made a “conscious effort to do family friendly projects.”

“It limits me. Sometimes it is a struggle, sometimes there are things I want to do or I would like to work more, or there’s shows that I go, ‘I would love to be on that,’ but at the end of the day, I’m like, that doesn’t rest well with me or it doesn’t settle well,” she said. “If I can’t feel comfortable with my decision, in terms of the Lord, I just pass on it.”

When asked if she would have a problem if one of her three children brought West’s album — which is due out on June 18 — home, she said she would because she didn’t like that he was comparing himself to Jesus. She also targeted Jay-Z for one of his monikers, which also has a religious undertone.

“I would have a problem with that… [Yeezus] is way too close, and so is Hova for Jehova,” she said. “It bugs me. It totally bugs me.”

She added, “There are songs that I do like, but can’t support 100 percent, because I have issues with that… There are a million other names out there, and he could have chosen one that wasn’t one letter off from Jesus.” Sway argued that West has a song called “Jesus Walks,” but Bure argued that he was comparing himself to Jesus in that case.

“Jesus was persecuted, and [West] feels like he is under a lot of public persecution because of who he is,” Sway said.

“But that means he’s actually comparing himself to Jesus,” Bure said. “Really, should any of us be doing that? Maybe you should change your name to ‘Uda!”

You can watch Candace Cameron Bure’s full interview below.

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