Ohio University Marching 110 Demonstrate Their 'Gangnam Style'

The whole nation has come down with a bad case of "Gangnam Style" fever. Many thought that the new football season would distract people from the increasingly popular song, but the Ohio University marching band has proven otherwise.

According to Today, the Ohio State Marching 110 performed their own version of Korean rapper Psy's "Gangnam Style". This talented marching band did a pretty good job at combining their instrumental prowess with some of Psy's momorable dance moves into one entertaining performance.

There have been many people who have attempted their own version of the song and many more who have attempted to master Psy's horse dance since the release of the famous song. However, we must give credit where credit is due, Ohio State Marching 110 performed their rendition in front of a full stadium.

The entertaining performance featured terrific instrumentals, synchronized horse dances, and gyrating cymbal players at the 50-yard-line.

The Ohio Marching 110 was founded in 1923 when a student by the name of Homer Baird founded the very first marching band at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

In September of 2007, The Ohio University Marching 110 was nominated as the best college marching band in the nation by CollegeSports-Fans.com. They were also ranked as one of the "100 Things We Can't Wait To See This College Football Season" by Cinema News in August 2010.

The Ohio Marching 110's rendition of "Gangnam Style" has already gotten 915,000 views on YouTube and that number is still rising.

Here is the pelvic thrusting, horse riding performance of the Ohio University Marching 110 for your viewing pleasure.