O.J. Simpson To Be Freed? Lawyers Are Very Hopeful

Will O.J. Simpson be freed soon? His lawyers sure hope so, and they’re apparently feeling pretty optimistic after his hearing Friday.

Simpson is currently serving time for a strange sports memorabilia robbery in 2007. Juice recently decided that he didn’t like the way his 2008 trial went down, and demanded a new one.

He was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery, and has served four years of a 9-to-33-year prison sentence.

O.J. was back in court Monday to ask for a new trial, alleging that his previous counsel didn’t do their job very well (because, you know, he’s in jail for a crime he committed). O.J. being freed was kind of a scary thought, but let’s face it … it couldn’t really happen, could it?

Yeah, it really might.

At least his lawyers think so after his new hearing on the matter ended Friday.

“He has a very good chance now,” said his attorney, Ozzie Fumo.

O.J.’s lawyers think that they gave solid evidence that Juice was actually set up by his former attorney, Yale Galanter, as a fall guy for his own plot to break into a Las Vegas hotel room and steal his own memorabilia from a couple of sports merch dealers.

His new lawyers also said that Galanter “deliberately sabotaged” Simpson at his first trial.

Will O.J. Simpson be freed? It now depends on Judge Marie Bell, who will give a written ruling. She’ll determine whether or not he deserves a new trial, and whether or not he should be set free until then.

Do you think O.J. Simpson should be freed? Do you think that his bizarro sports memorabilia kidnapping and armed robbery could have been a set up? Sound off!

[1990s O.J. Simpson photo by Gerald Johnson via Wikimedia Commons]