‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Y’: Rumors Swirl Again

Pokemon X and Y have been hit with another round of rumors.

We already know that the game will be released for 3DS and use the technology to give us a 3D world. We’ve seen the new Pokemon Fletchling, Helioptile, Pancham and Gogoat, the latest of which will be one you can ride to get to more places. We also know now that the new 3D world is based on France, including a major structure that resembles the Eiffel Tower. The new Pokedex is broken up into three parts, each based on a different part of the world map.

Now for another round of Pokemon rumors surrounding Pokemon X and Y, some of which may be true or well-founded.

The new character in Pokemon X and Y that most people are instantly attracted to is Pancham, the fighting type panda (You know, like Kung Fu Panda), so it makes sense that one of the new rumors surrounds it. Pancham apparently has an evolution from called Pangoro, who happens to be a fighting/dark type Pokemon. The rumor is that in order to evolve it into that form, you have to have a dark type Pokemon in your party.

Another Pokemon called Inkay will evolve into Malimar, and it is rumored that while you level it up, you have to hold the 3DS upside down to trigger the new form. Another rumored evolution involves Espurr evolving into Meowstick, keeping with the tradition of cat-based updates, as every Pokemon game released to date has always had a cat-based update.

New moves are reported to be “Belch” and “Draining Kiss,” which sound pretty disgusting together. “Belch” is supposedly a poison attack with a base power of 120, and it’s rumored that certain Pokemon will need to be holding a berry to use it. “Draining Kiss” is supposedly a fairy type move that works like most of the health-stealing attacks.

Pokemon X and Y will also feature new rivals. One will be an ally while the other is an enemy. It is rumored that after you beat the game, your ally will give you his or her fully evolved Pokemon to help fill out your Pokedex.

What do you think of this round of rumors for Pokemon X and Y?