‘Guilty Gear Xrd’ Trailer Continues Series [Video]

Guilty Gear now has a trailer promising a new entry in the series.

One of those fighting games that may have been forgotten in the midst of other series, Guilty Gear Xrd is the next title in this one. Guilty Gear is one of those fighting games that has stayed in 2D art style in spite of the technology, as Atlus must have known that fighting games just don’t work very well in 3D.

Look at what happened with Street Fighter EX and Mortal Kombat 4, and you’ll see how 3D fighting can go wrong. It wasn’t until the franchises decided to keep the 2D gameplay that people started enjoying them again. Obscure Japanese style games like Fatal Fury and Samurai Shodown thrived much like Guilty Gear, relying on 2D art instead of 3D rendering to get the graphical job done.

Guilty Gear Xrd takes the idea of 2D art and adapts it to 3D space to give us what Street Fighter 4 did, but keeps the cartoon-like appearance throughout. Arc System Works may also have decided to stick to English subtitles instead of re-dubbing the words. After all, how much of fighting game character stories do we really pay attention to?

The trailer begins with a relatively simple burning parchment style animation of credits as the voice-overs speak on in Japanese with English subtitles.

“Get out of my way…”

“You’re not going alone. Wait for back-up.”

“Heh, if I don’t win then the world’s screwed anyway, right?”

“Which is exactly… why we need to wait and assess the situation.”

“Who cares what that punk really is[?] Look, I’m a bounty hunter – I go wherever [there are] bounties. Simple, right?”

Then we finally see the Guilty Gear fighters, both dressed in over the top Japanese styles, and the blond one says, “I suppose we’re beyond reason at this point?”

The rest of the trailer is above, and the visuals get pretty crazy along with some Japanese heavy metal.

What do you think of the trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd?