LeAnn Rimes Instagrams Photos From Nashville While Promoting Upcoming Album

LeAnn Rimes gave Instagram followers a big dose of Nashville this week as the country singer hit the town to promote her upcoming album.

On Friday Rimes was in Nashville to promote the new album, Spitfire, due out June 4. To generate even more buzz Rimes teamed up with omg! to send out Instagram pictures of the big Nashville day.

The series of Instagram photos showed LeAnn Rimes meeting with fans in Nashville, doing interviews, and preparing for a show at the Grand Ole Opry. There is even a shot of the fit singer wearing a black bikini as she took a coffee break.

For fans of LeAnn Rimes, the Instagram pictures of Nashville were a good reminder that she is still a country music performer first and tabloid fodder second. In recent months the only news about Rimes seemed to come from her feud with her husband’s ex-wife, Real Housewife Brandi Glanville.

The two got into a bit of a tiff last week after Rimes sent Glanville flowers for Mother’s Day. Brandi responded on Twitter that she thanked LeAnn Rimes, even though the two don’t speak when they see each other in person.

In a now deleted tweet, LeAnn Rimes’ replied:

“This was actually the first acknowledgement of my gesture I was made aware of. I didn’t see anything else sent to me. It wasn’t for the ‘thank you.’ It was to just simply say Happy Mother’s Day.”

But with Spitfire, Rimes is moving past the drama and once again focusing on her music. She has called the album is her most personal one yet.

“It’s definitely a piece of my life through music, an emotional roller coaster of sorts, since that’s what I’ve been on for the last few years. But I think every human emotion, on this record, we tackled,” she said.

Rimes added, “There’s just a humanity through this that just came out of life for me. Life happened and this album came out of it all.”

You can check out Rimes in her Instagram adventures in Nashville here.