Student Killed Home Invasion Honored With Vigil, Ribbons

Andrea Rebello, the 21-year-old Hofstra student killed in a home invasion early Friday morning, will be laid to rest in Sleepy Hollow next week, and a candlelight vigil in her honor was scheduled on campus today.

After Rebello was identified publicly, the student killed in the home invasion just a week before graduation ceremonies were set to commence was remembered by friends and classmates, and white ribbons in her honor were planned for the events.

Hofstra released a statement acknowledging the student was killed in the home invasion, explaining that Rebello’s death occurred in off-campus housing and adding that all the details about the incident had not yet been revealed.

Hofstra president Stuart Rabinowitz said:

“Early on Friday morning, we learned from the Nassau County Police Department that Hofstra student Andrea Rebello, a junior majoring in public relations, was killed during a tragic crime which took place in a rental house off campus.”

Rabinowitz continued:

“The police investigation is ongoing, and we do not yet know all of the relevant details. What we do know is that a young member of the Hofstra family has been taken from us in a senseless act of violence. Our hearts and minds and our thoughts and prayers are with her family, her friends, and her classmates.”

He concludes, saying graduation will move ahead despite the tragedy:

“While our hearts are laden with grief, this weekend’s commencement ceremonies will go on as scheduled. The accomplishments of our graduates must be recognized, and together our community will heal and find the strength to move forward.”

Many classmates took to Twitter to recall the student killed in the home invasion, boosting the signal for Saturday’s vigil:

After the student killed in the home invasion was identified as Andrea Rebello, police disclosed that the gunman — also killed in the incident — was 30-year-old Hempstead resident Dalton Smith.