Amazon Uses Massively Popular Homepage To Attack Apple iPad Mini Hardware

The Amazon Kindle Fire squared off against the Apple iPad Mini on Tuesday and it did so by using one of the most visited platforms on the planet, the homepage. The company's homepage is one of the 10 most visits locations on the internet.

The graphic shown above began appearing on the front page of the online retailer on Tuesday and with it a direct comparison that shows the Kindle Fire's superior features.

As potential buyers have discovered the iPad Mini features one of the worst displays among 2012's high-end 7-inch tablets, offering a low-resolution count compared to the HD-quality video found on the Kindle Fire HD, Google Nexus 7 tablet and other comparable devices. In comparing the two devices Amazon was quick to point out the 216 pixels per inch verses 163 pixels per inch advantage it holds over the much higher priced device.

Amazon also noted that its device features dual stereo speakers while the iPad Mini offers on a Mono speaker.

Other differences have also been pointed out since the release of the iPad Mini. For example the Wi-Fi version much like past iPad devices is sorely missing GPS capabilities.

Despite Apple's choice to use some inferior hardware options Amazon leaves off some nice iPad Mini features including a rear-facing camera, a slightly larger display and the company's highly optimized apps for iOS based tablets.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD could remain the Apple iPad Mini's biggest competitor throughout the remainder of 2012. After Apple announced its new offering many uninterested customers fled to Amazon, allowing sales to increase directly after Apple's announcement.

Given its feature set and lack of certain options many potential customers have complained about the Apple iPad Mini's high $329 selling price.